Weather alerts using IBM Bluemix Push Notification service and OpenWhisk

Bluemix Push Notifications service with Weather Company Data and OpenWhisk

Posted on 2016-07-09 17:32:48 +0530 +0530
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What if you will get weather details of your favorite places in the World on your mobile everyday. Well,here is a sample for weather alerts as push notifications in your mobile,Weather Push Notifications.

This sample demonstrates how to get weather alert notifications by using a list of services on Bluemix as depicted in the following diagram:

Retail scenario architecture

In this scenario the user will register a geographical area for getting weather alerts. OpenWhisk will fetch the location information and feed to Weather Company Data Service. Using the response from Weather Company Data Service, the OpenWhisk will construct and deliver a message using the Push Notification Service.

you can get the sample Project Here

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