What's New in Push Notification Service - July Update

Notable updates to Push Notification service on IBM Bluemix Cloud Platform

Posted on 2016-08-08 11:04:46 +0530 +0530
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Userid based Notifications

Do you wish to engage with specific users by sending push notifications by their user name / identifier rather than by device identifier? This is now possible with push notification service on Bluemix. User id based notifications are notification messages that are targeted to a specific user. Many devices can be registered with one user.

During device registration you will need to provide a user id and client secret. Client secret is allocated when the service is provisioned and can be obtained from the console. Use the regisgterDeviceWithUserId API to register the device for push notifications. From the console, you can send notifications to specific userid.

Detailed information about userid based notifications

Server Side Swift SDK

Are you a Swift user using Swift on client as well as server side to build your applications ? We now have a Swift server-side SDK for sending push notifications via Bluemix Push Notifications services.

Check out the Swift server side SDK on GitHub.

Push as an unbound service

You can now access push service from an application that runs outside Bluemix as push service now supports unbound mode. Refer to Bluemix documentation on how to enable external apps to use Bluemix service. This should help you to seamlessly integrate Push notification service’s server side actions into your existing backend applications.