Developers Rejoice!

A Brand new Dev Center is now available.

Posted on 2016-07-01 11:04:46 +0530 +0530
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We are pleased to introduce a brand new Developer center for Push Notification Service on Bluemix.

Don’t forget to bookmark the page.

This site will now be your one stop shop for everything you would want to know about the Push Notification Service on Bluemix.

You will find detailed description of all the features that we offer in one place so that you can easily visualize how to implement that next feature in your app.

Another thing you can be assured is that the various samples you will find here will be always updated and help you to quickly get started with coding the feature. You should find the samples for both Android and iOS platforms.

And by the way, the site is mobile friendly :). So, you can look up stuff even when you are on the go!