What's New in Push Notification Service - August and September Update

Notable updates to Push Notification service on IBM Bluemix Cloud Platform

Posted on 2016-08-08 11:04:46 +0530 +0530
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We are pleased to announce the following new enhancements to the Push Notification Service on Bluemix

Push Notification Service is now available on Bluemix Local

Customers with Local deployment preferences can now leverage Push Notification Service in their own Bluemix Local environment

Push Notification Service console experience enhanced

The Push Notification service console is now enhanced to align with the new Bluemix user experience

Push Notification Service is now seamlessly integrated with the Mobile dashboard experience

Users can now add push service to a project generated from the mobile dashboard and directly configure from the dashboard. The push client SDK’s will be included in the project and basic initialization code will also be generated. Explore the new Mobile dashboard experience.

Engage with users through web channel

Push Notifications service now enables you to send notifications to your web apps on Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can engage with your web users either on desktop or mobile browser using unified set of API’s even when the website is not open on the user’s mobile/desktop browser. Send Unicast, broadcast, multicast (based on tags/ platform/ set of devices/ set of users) to web site visitor enhancing engagement and retention.

Leverage new notification features of Android platform

Set the following notification features either from the push console or sdk:

Collapsible Message – A message can be replaced by a new message containing the same collapse key if it yet to be delivered to the device.

Priority – Set high priority for message that GCM should attempt to deliver immediately.

Messages with normal priority won’t open network connections on a sleeping device and their delivery might be delayed to conserve battery.

Google Sync Notifications – Sync the messages across the same user’s registered devices. If the user handles the notification on one device than it would be dismissed on other devices.

Specify the time-to-live parameter to set maximum lifespan of a message which corresponds to the maximum period of time for which FCM stores and attempts to deliver the message.

Support for expandable notification styles like big picture, big text and inbox style notifications.

Ability to set the visibility of the message as public or private affecting how the notification is displayed. A private option restricts public viewing.

Ability to package custom sound files that needs to be played on the receipt of the notification.

Push SDK now supports Swift 3.0

You can now develop your notification based iOS applications with Swift 3.0